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Seeking to diversify its activities and supply the cellulose industry, in 1995 TANAC set up its Woodchip Unit in the city of Rio Grande, in the south of Brazil.

One of the most modern wood chip producing facilities in the world, set up on a 260 mil m² area, TANAC's woodchip processing plant invests in technological improvement in order to keep its globally leading position as far as quality, production and shipping of its products are concerned. Using certified wood at origin, TANAC guarantees quality products to its clients. The 70 fully qualified employees working at this unit ensure operational success.

The Woodchip Unit is equipped to produce 700 thousand ton of chips per year and has 90 thousand ton storage capacity at any one time. The chips are kept outdoors though fully protected from any possible contamination.

Using conveyor belts, TANAC ships its woodchips from a contiguous port terminal located 1,400 meters away from the factory. Boasting one of the highest compaction rates in ship loading, the company is considered one of the world's fastest at this activity.

TANAC's acacia hardwood chips are also exported to energy and woodchip board producing markets, thus diversifying and widening their field of application.