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Idealising, planning and acting: this is the right order to materialise the actions that shall turn the world into a better place for all its inhabitants.

All over the global marketplace, there is growing demand for environmentally-suitable products output by environmentally-aware businesses truly engaged in causes that seek to preserve nature. Ahead of such demands, TANAC has kept the environmental certifications obtained and constantly pursues new aims in this particular segment.

The ISO 14001 and FSC® certifications are the confirmation of the company's concern at both the present and future of the planet.

TANAC's ISO 9001 and 14001 certified Quality and Environmental Management Systems that follow FSC® principles and criteria have placed TANAC's units in a leading position in the markets where they operate.

FSC® certified forest management ensures the quality of the raw material supplied by the company's forestry unit - known as Tanagro, right from its origin. The concern at the development of the communities where the company is inserted and its workforce qualification without interfering with nature makes TANAC outstand in the wood, tannin and derivatives market.

Forest management certification, stringent control of gas emissions, environmentally correct work practices, awareness by those who shall live the future and belief in the potential of its human resources: these are the global values that place TANAC in the present as it looks well beyond current times.

Environmental Education Projects are developed in the various regions where the company operates. In Montenegro, every year, the 'Embrace Nature Project' reaches hundreds of students when they visit the Tannin Unit to realize how strongly TANAC focuses on producing while preserving the environment where they live.

At the Forestry Unit, an ecological trail on Camboatá Farm, in Piratini, encourages students to preserve nature and keep in mind that both fauna and flora are protected through constant monitoring of the forests managed by TANAC. In Rio Grande, lectures at schools located in neighborhoods near the Wood Chip Unit help students reinvent their reality by turning them pro-active when it comes to environmental preservation.

Investing in children's and youngsters' awareness and turning them into multipliers of the idea to preserve nature is a constant goal at TANAC: through the participation of students in the company's projects new ideas for a better future shall emerge.

Believing in Man and investing in individual potential is part of TANAC's culture. And true to its culture, TANAC has implemented a social project in the town of Montenegro whereby persons with special needs are inserted in the labour market. It is about providing a better future to really special people.