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Devise, plan and take action: this is the proper order for the implementation of actions that will transform the world into a better place to live.

Quality and Environment Policy

We of Tanac - Vegetable mimosa extract industry in Montenegro and Woodchip industry in Rio Grande, both in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, are engaged:

  • With the quality of our products and services, being this the essential condition to satisfy clients and ensure competitivity and growth of our business.
  • With the environment, through continuous improvement, of the prevention of the pollution , of the fulfilling of the legislation, norms and environmental requisites applicable to our processes, products and services and with the environmental objectives and goals which ensure the efficient managing of the significant environmental aspects and impacts.

Principle of Quality and Environment

  • Clients satisfaction
  • Establishing of partnership
  • Entrepreneur spirit
  • Continuous improvement
  • Harmony: Company / Environment / Comunity
  • Responsability for the image and Success of the company

We of Tanagro, forestry company of Black Acacia in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, are committed:

  • with producing bark and debarked wood, with the maintenance of the productivity of the areas along the successive cycles, through the employment of the best technique, considering jointly the environmental preservation and the development of the people who are directly or indirectly involved with our activities.
  • with the quality of the products and services, with the compliance of the legal requirement and with continuous improvement of the quality management, aiming to satisfy the clients and ensure the competitiveness and the growth of our business.

Forestal Guidance

  • annual planting compatible with harvesting, executed in renewal areas (replanting) or in new areas, occupied previously by agriculture or cattle breeding;
  • regularization of the offer of bark and wood of the market, along the months, for the tannin extract and woodchip industries;
  • search for the increase of the forestal productivity with use of new technologies in the operational fields and of the silviculture technique;
  • development of the productive activities, opting for the ones which better adapt to the Forestal Policy, to the Social and Environmental Guidance and to the Principles and Criteria of FSC® Forest Stewardship Council® for the good Forestal Management.

Social and Environmental Guidance

  • commitment to the Principles and Criteria of the FSC® - Forest Stewardship Council® for the good Forestal Management in all the places where the company acts;
  • insertion in the regions in which it acts, considering the social and environmental impacts caused and developing communication and monitoring mechanisms for the minimization of these impacts.