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This Privacy Policy regulates the treatment of personal data of customers, employees, partners, end users of customers under the responsibility of TANAC and TANAGRO and visitors to the online services of this website.

This Privacy Policy represents our commitment to transparency, integrity and respect for privacy, protection, and security of the personal data of users and our stakeholders, in particular our employees, partners and the rest of the data owners that are in our care.  

Please read this policy carefully before using or obtaining any company materials, information, products or services. We reserve the right to change, update or correct this policy at any time. By using our services, you consent to our Data Protection and Privacy Policy and to the collection, use and sharing of your information as described below. 


Company Responsible for Data Processing


The company responsible for processing the data is TANAC S.A., registered with the CNPJ under nº 91.359.711/0001-02, located at Rua Torbjorn Weibull, nº 199, in the city of Montenegro, RS, CEP 95780-000.

For information regarding the personal data collected and processed by TANAC S/A and TANAGRO S/A we can be contacted by phone (51) 3632-4055 or by e-mail [email protected].


Observed Principles


All personally identifiable information you provide to us will be used only as permitted by law, including what is necessary to offer the product, service or information requested by you.

Your personal data will not be sold or rented, and sharing, if any, is limited to our business partners as required in the performance of our services or as required by laws and regulations, in which case TANAC takes all necessary measures to ensure that subcontractors meet applicable legal requirements and offer adequate guarantees for data protection.

Customers and business partners of TANAC and TANAGRO will also be able to share personal data aiming at the execution or fulfilment of contracts, business development or activities related to the corporate purpose of our companies and to the legitimate interests involved, being oriented so that data sharing of personal data takes place for the necessary purposes and in accordance with the General Data Protection Law, and other rules and regulations of regulatory/supervisory bodies on the matter.

TANAC and TANAGRO also observe the recommended Information Security practices and adopt technical, organizational and administrative measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access and accidental or illicit situations of destruction, loss, alteration, communication or dissemination, as well as to act in accordance with the General Personal Data Protection Law (Law No. 13.709/18) and other regulations on the matter.


Basis for Data Processing

In the exercise of the business activities of TANAC and TANAGRO, the processing of personal data falls within the consent of the holders, in the execution and fulfilment of the contract at the request of the holder, in the regular exercise of the right to legal proceedings and in the legitimate interest of the company, the holders are guaranteed the rights provided for in the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (Law No. 13.709/18).


What personal data is collected and processed?


TANAC and TANAGRO may collect and process, among others, the following personal data:

  1. Site Visitors: IP address, connection port, information provided by the browser, cookies necessary for the correct functioning of the site or application and, in the case of authenticated visitors, user information and access password.
  2. Recruitment and selection of employees: name, e-mail address and curriculum vitae;
  3. Users of the web applications provided by TANAC: Name, e-mail, telephone and other information that the data subject has chosen to provide us with;
  4. Holders whose controller of personal data processing is an entity, company or client organization of TANAC: Name, CPF, RG, date of birth and other information present in the legal proceedings attended by the company.
  5. Holders whose controller of the processing of personal data is an entity, company or client organization of TANAGRO: Name, CPF, RG, date of birth and other information present in the legal proceedings attended by the company.


How is your data collected?

Personal data can be collected through the following means:

a) Website and online form;

b) Phonecalls;

d) Electronic mails;

e) Through applications (“apps”) installed on mobile devices;

f) When supplied by TANAC or TANAGRO customers.

Some personal data collected is mandatory and necessary for the execution and performance of our activities, and in case of lack or insufficiency of these data, TANAC and TANAGRO are protected by the right not to provide the services or information requested. In each specific case, we will inform the holders about the mandatory nature of the provision of this personal data and the purpose of its use.


How long is personal data stored for?

TANAC and TANAGRO comply with the legal rules relating to the retention periods of personal data, and may maintain them as required by law or as long as necessary for the execution of a contract or service.


Rights of holders of personal data


TANAC and TANAGRO recognize that everyone has the right to the protection of personal data and ensure that data subjects have the right to confirm their treatment, access to data, data correction, deletion, revocation of consent and other rights provided for in law. To exercise your rights, contact TANAC via e-mail: [email protected] , or TANAGRO via e-mail: [email protected] , forwarding, as appropriate the case, request for adaptation, alteration or deletion of your data. 


Use of Cookies

Cookies are small data sent by a web server to your browser and stored on your computer or personal device. To provide a better experience when using our web services and applications, we may use session cookies (which expire when you close your browser) and persistent cookies (which remain on your computer until you delete them). This type of information is collected to make the service more useful and offer a more convenient and valuable experience for you.

We use two categories of cookies: Cookies served directly by us to your computer or device so that we can recognize you when you return to our website and third party cookies, used for website access, security and availability statistics.


Policy Changes

If we make changes to this Privacy Policy, we will inform you of the change on the next visit to the website and you can also contact TANAC via the email [email protected] to address your questions regarding it.