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The proximity of TANAC to one of the most important and dynamic ports in Brazil, coupled with our extensive storage capabilities, ensures an efficient, prompt and reliable delivery service to our customers in over 70 countries.

Likewise, the super compaction of our packaging offers great carriage and storage advantages. These include easier load handling and reduced inland carriage costs and port expenses.

Versatility is an important word in the TANAC's vocabulary and this can be seen in the speed of our response to the ever-changing demands of the globalised world, plus the flexibility of our production and product development processes.

As a result of this market-oriented structure and the excellence of our products, TANAC can rightly lay claim to being a world leader in the supply of black wattle extract and wood chips

Through the years, TANAC has built a commercial and technical structure that is ready to serve the company's clients quickly and efficiently. Advice to clients on how to maximise the performance of our products, together with our innate understanding of our customers' needs, results in end products with added quality and value.

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