Report – COVID-19


Report – COVID-19

24 的 三月 的 2020

We, at TANAC and TANAGRO, develop products that are indispensable for the maintenance of the process of companies that are essential for society, among them are those intended for the treatment of water and industrial effluents and additives for animal feed. We are working to guarantee the supply of companies that need to be working, because lives depend on them.

Aware of our responsibility to the safety of our employees and the continuity of our business, directly and indirectly, we have significantly reduced the number of employees in factories and administrative areas, in addition to adopting measures in the forestry area, including collective vacations. We are also working on a scale / rotation system or home office, when possible.

We have adopted a series of preventive measures and we believe that in this way we will overcome this delicate moment, without jeopardizing people's health and the functioning of companies.

We reaffirm our commitment to the communities in which we are inserted and also to comply with the guidelines of the competent authorities.



Executive Board